Bangladesh court rules the government can’t use the name of Prime Minister to make political points

ThreeBangladeshar, April 23: The Bangladeshas High Court on Monday ruled the government cannot use the names of Prime Ministers to make politically sensitive points during the election campaign. 

The judgment comes after the High Court asked the government to explain the “policies and measures taken” by the government and the ruling party in order to avoid a repeat of the 2004 Bihar elections in which the JD(U) lost its bid for a second term. 

A senior advocate, K.N. Rajagopal, had argued that the government had not only not used the names but also had not disclosed them in the official campaign literature. 

The government has so far refused to release the campaign literature for the upcoming general elections in 2021. 

In the ruling, the bench of Justices P.S. Singh, R.P. Kumar and A.K. Sinha said the government’s campaign literature was inadmissible. 

“The petitioner (JD(U)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government) has not given any reasons for its decision to use the Prime Ministers’ name and image in its campaign literature,” the court said. 

This was the second time the court has sought clarification over the name and campaign literature of the ruling BJP-led government. 

Earlier in August, the court had directed the government not to use Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s name in the campaign campaign literature issued by the JD-U. 

(With inputs from Reuters and Reuters News Agency)

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