Tumultuous trip to Rome by former president leaves Clinton in the spotlight

A former president who once promised to end the U.S.-led war in Iraq now faces scrutiny for a trip he made to Rome in 2010 that was largely shrouded in secrecy.

In a letter sent Wednesday to the U, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) asked the Senate to investigate former President Bill Clinton’s travel to the Italian capital during the height of the war.

Clinton’s trip, which took place in October 2010, has been under scrutiny for more than a year as his critics, including Republicans, accuse him of using a private plane to avoid U.N. inspections while in office.

During a trip to the United States in 2010, he told reporters he wanted to give his support to President Barack Obama and called for a halt to the war in Afghanistan.

But in his letter to the Senate, Sanders asks for an investigation into the trip.

He writes that Clinton’s comments about “a future war” in Afghanistan were not accurate.

Sanders said the trip, the only time he has taken a private jet to Rome since leaving office in 2017, was part of a plan to “send a message” to the world.

He writes that the trip was an “unconscionable and reckless act” that has “caused deep damage to U.K. interests and U.R.S. credibility.”

“It is a disgrace that the US.

Government would risk its own security for its friends in the Middle East, and it is a sad commentary on the future of U.G. and the United Nations,” Sanders wrote.

Sanders also asks the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations to hold hearings into the matter and “ask the administration about any possible legal action taken by the administration against the Clinton Foundation for their role in this trip.”

He wrote that Clinton has a responsibility to make clear to the public that his government has no interest in creating a “new war zone.”

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