How to make the most of your new Mexican newspaper

SAVANNAH, Iowa (AP) A new Mexican paper called KURTO and its sister paper called MEXICO AREA are popping up in cities across the U.S. and Europe.

But while these new newspapers are bringing in a new kind of readership, some are also pushing for more regulation.

In many cases, they’re creating the conditions that drive readers to skip traditional news sources.

For example, the new papers are running ads in the local paper, and are offering news-gathering services.

They’re also using social media to share stories and articles.

One local paper has published a video on how to become a reader.

“They’re just starting out,” said Dan McCord, a retired journalist from Texas who now runs the website Latino News Network.

“There’s a lot of competition right now.

It’s very challenging to compete with all of these publications, especially the newer ones that are really trying to get into the business.”

The most recent issue of KURTOS is published in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes, about 150 miles (240 kilometers) northwest of Mexico City.

It has a circulation of about 3,000 people, according to the website

The Spanish-language paper in Texas also has about 3.5,000 readers.

“I think it’s important that it’s a Mexican paper,” said Carlos Castañeda, who owns the website Spanish-Language News.

“If you’re not from Mexico, then you don’t know what’s happening.”

A new newspaper, the KURTOR newspaper, is published at the end of May in Austin, Texas.

The Austin Times-Herald reported that the Austin-based paper ran ads on KURTRO in the city of Austin and on its sister site, MEXICATODE.

Castaña said that the ads were designed to be easy to read.

“It was just to get more readers,” Castaño said.

“We didn’t expect it to be this popular.”

The newspaper is owned by Spanish language newspaper KURTA, which is owned and operated by the Mexican state newspaper, EFE.

The EFE has been run by the government of Mexico since 2011.

The newspaper says it has about 100,000 subscribers.

It says the paper’s goal is to provide “a broad perspective” and to promote Mexican culture and history.

But critics say the newspaper is not as objective as it claims to be.

“You can’t say you’re objective and then say you are objective and give an objective review,” said Michael J. Stokes, a professor of journalism at the University of Chicago.

“In my opinion, it’s not an objective paper.”

Mexican journalist Jorge Luis Garcia Zarate said the newspaper was trying to change the way the world thinks about the country.

“This paper is trying to do the same thing they’ve done before in the past, but with the Spanish-speaking world,” he said.

Garcia Zarates said the paper had to fight for its position.

“The newspaper was founded on the premise that Mexicans are a minority,” he added.

“They were trying to say they are more independent than the government, but that’s not true.”

The new paper also published a feature story that called out Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s comments that Mexico’s economy is “in the toilet.”

“It is not a toilet, it is a grave,” the paper said.

In an article titled “I am an immigrant,” the newspaper wrote that Mexico is facing “a new economic crisis” because of the influx of immigrants.

“A recent survey by the World Bank showed that more than one million people from Latin America arrived in Mexico since the start of the year,” the article said.

That number rose to over four million by March.

The paper said that Mexico had the second-highest rate of emigration in the world after the United States.

Mexico has a history of immigrants coming to the U., and many are not pleased with the fact that they’re being pushed out.

In 2013, Mexico’s population surpassed the U,S.

to reach almost a million people.

“Today, we have a new crisis that is not being solved by the country,” the new paper said in a story on the immigration.

The article noted that Mexicans, who are also immigrants, are leaving their country for better opportunities.

“With the economic crisis and lack of social support, Mexicans are leaving Mexico and heading to the United Nations, Europe and the United Kingdom,” the report said.

The new newspaper has a strong Mexican audience.

About a quarter of the readership is Hispanic, according the website La Lucha del Mundo, which uses data from the Mexico Daily newspaper.

The KURTEA website has more than 1 million followers.

“Their mission is to inform the community,” said Jose Hernandez, the executive director of the Latino media network Latino News, which

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