ND’s first state government to be named after indigenous people

ND’s government has been named after Indigenous people.

The ND Government announced the names of the first five departments and agencies on Monday after the new government was sworn in.

“The name ND is a nod to the people of the ND and the history of ND,” said Chief Minister and Chief Justice of the State of ND, and Chairman of the National Government Executive, M. K. Sinha.

“It is a recognition of our Indigenous people and we are going to be a proud nation.”

Mr Sinha, a former Chief Justice, said ND was one of the fastest growing states in the country.

“Its a great thing to be able to do and its an inspiration to other states,” he said.

Mr Sinhe said the name ND was chosen as the first of its kind.

“We will work on naming our departments and organisations in the near future,” he added.

Mr Bishnoi said the names were chosen because ND was a place where ND people were very proud of.

“So when we are asked, ‘Where are you from?’ we have to say, ‘We are from ND’,” he said, adding that ND was also a place of pride for people of other languages.

“I feel honoured and privileged to be the first Chief Justice in the state of ND to be honoured for being named the first minister of ND.”

He said ND had “done very well” over the last 12 months.

“With ND having become a very strong state, its good to see the government being able to bring people together, he said in an interview.”

And that is what ND is about: the community and the people coming together.

“Mr Bikram, who has been chief justice for the last 18 months, said he would also be the next ND government chief justice.”

One of the great things about ND is the community.

Its a place that people want to go, and that has been the reason for me being chosen to be Chief Justice,” he told the ND National News Agency.”

What I’ve learned in my career is that you need to be inclusive, that you can’t just make your own community, you have to be in the community, he added, noting that ND had made some great achievements.

The Chief Justice said he hoped the ND government could be seen as a positive role model to other state governments.

“If the government wants to be seen for what it is, then we have got to do our part and look after the community,” he explained.

“Thats why I am taking the opportunity of the election to do so.”

People can be proud of their country, but you can also be proud that you have a strong, cohesive government.

“Hopefully this can help other states to be proud to be part of that,” he concluded.

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