How to fix your local newspaper in 2017

South Carolina is in the midst of a statewide scandal that has led to the resignation of the state’s chief newspaper editor.

Here are five ways to fix it.1.

Get rid of the editorial board.

The South Carolina Post & Daily is one of the most powerful newspapers in the state, but a few months ago, the editorial team made some serious moves that have left many readers in the dark about the state of the paper.

The Post < Daily ran a story about the governor’s plan to increase gun control in South Carolina, a story that led to a story by the Associated Press about the government’s response to the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, and an article by the Wall Street Journal about the potential impact of the Affordable Care Act.

All of those stories had been covered by the South Carolina newspaper and are still running.

But the Post > Daily did not publish a story on Gov.

Nikki Haley’s decision to sign a bill to abolish the state agency tasked with overseeing the Post& Day, the South Carolinian newspaper.

Instead, the paper ran a piece by a prominent black writer, who is also black.

The story was the only piece published by the paper that did not contain the phrase “black” or “black lives matter,” the South’s most common epithet.

It was also the only story published that did a full-page ad in the paper’s local section, a move that has sparked a fierce backlash from some readers.

The AP has since run a piece that takes issue with the Post and Daily’s decision not to publish the ad, which reads: “A lot of people don’t know that there is a ‘black lives’ issue in South Carolinians minds, and the state needs to fix that, not just the Post.

South Carolina’s news is not about a handful of black men and a handful toiling in a white-dominated state.

South Carolinas news is about the most important people in our community.”2.

Run stories about the economy.

In February, the Post made headlines when it ran an article on a new law allowing state employees to deduct expenses from their salaries for private-sector jobs that include some health care.

The piece said that “there is a growing national debate about whether it is possible to fully recover from a health care crisis, and that debate is fueling a broader discussion about what it means to be a responsible, safe and prosperous state.”

The piece also said that the law was a “bold step in the right direction” toward a more equal society, adding: “The new law should serve as a warning to all of us who believe in an America where the rich and powerful can’t be justly denied a seat at the table in this nation.”

The article also pointed out that the Affordable Health Care Act would make it more difficult for low-income people to access health care, but did not specifically mention the health care law by name.

In an interview with CNNMoney, the editor of the South Florida-based Post &ad; Daily, John Wooten, defended the piece, saying the article was an honest attempt to help the state “get through the worst of the health crisis.”3.

Get more African Americans to cover the paperMore than 3,000 people have signed a petition calling for the paper to run a black editor, which has now become the second most popular petition on, after one in 2015.

The petition calls on the Post to hire a black reporter, as well as hiring a black-owned local TV station to broadcast local news and a local TV news site.

The local TV show “The Daily Show” will host a segment on “Black News” this weekend, which the petition says is “the first time that black voices will be represented on a nationally televised news program.”4.

Get black news more diverse.

Last week, a CNNMoney story noted that the paper has yet to hire an African American editor, but that the lack of diversity is the paper “sitting on its hands” because it does not hire anyone from outside the South.

That is not the only example of the Post ignoring black news.

In February, a local newspaper published an article in which the paper did not include a word about the African American author of the Confederate Battle Flag, who was fired after the Confederate flag was removed from public grounds in the city of Charleston, South Carolina.

The paper published the article after the Charleston city council passed a resolution last month calling for an immediate ban on the flag.5.

Start paying more attention to local issues.

The Post &ads&amp: Daily has been on a hiring spree in the past year.

Last week, the newspaper hired three full-time staff writers, including a black writer who was also a political reporter for the Southsboro News.

And last month, the Washington Post, which runs a national paper, hired a black columnist and a black political reporter to cover local issues in

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