The Sudanese Newspapers are busted for a time

Google News article Google, the global internet company, said on Wednesday that its Sudan newspaper was being investigated by authorities in Sudan and the United Arab Emirates for breaking news rules.

The company said the investigation involved the publication of an article about a “major political and economic event.”

The investigation involved a story that ran on the Sudanese news website Dabiq on January 19, 2017, about the signing of a bilateral agreement between Sudan and Egypt.

The Sudanese newspaper said in a statement on Wednesday it had no knowledge of the investigation and denied any wrongdoing.

Google’s announcement comes just days after the Sudan’s foreign minister, Abdulla Mohamed, said the country is looking into allegations that Sudanese newspapers are trying to influence Sudan’s political system.

Mohamed said the allegations are “groundless.”

In January, Sudan agreed to an African Union peace deal with rebel groups that includes the African Union and the African National Congress.

The agreement was signed by Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

The country’s top court, the Constitutional Court, has ruled that a new constitution must be approved by a referendum before any new laws are adopted.

The court has also said the new constitution can be amended after a referendum.

The ruling is widely seen as a victory for the government, which is backed by a powerful military.

Sudan’s new constitution is due to be published on April 16, but it is expected to face strong opposition from civil society groups, including the Sudan Democratic Alliance for Human Rights.

The government has promised to publish a new constitutional law this month.

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