How to watch the first two games of the first-round of the NHL playoffs

This is a story about the first three games of next season’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The NHL has made the playoffs in six of the past seven seasons and is scheduled to make another trip to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2019.

There is only one year left of the current collective bargaining agreement that runs through 2022.

So, how are the NHL’s first two playoff games shaping up?

Here are five takeaways from this first round of the playoffs.1.

Playoff seeding is not the same as the regular season.

This year, the first round is seeded by the winner of the Stanley War Memorial game between the Ottawa Senators and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If there is a tie, it goes to a first-ever Stanley Cup final between the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings.

If that happens, the Rangers would face the Kings in the first game.

The other four games are all played in the second round.

That means the Stanley Cups that are being played in those three rounds are not tied at the top.

The first two rounds are all tied at 2-2.2.

The Rangers are not a real threat to make the playoffs this year.

In the first six games, the Bruins, Rangers and Penguins are all 3-1-1.

But, that’s not good enough to make it to the first of three games.

They have to beat the Senators, the Flyers and the Hurricanes.3.

The Penguins are the favorites to win the Stanley Championships.

The Penguins are 6-1 all-time in the playoffs and have gone 5-0-2 since the first time they won a championship.

In their first two seasons, they have gone 6-0 and 2-0.

So, it’s not like they’re not a threat to win it all.4.

This is the only time in the history of the franchise that three different teams in the same division will play in the conference finals.

That is a rarity in the NHL.5.

It’s hard to know if this will be the best team of the season.

The Bruins are playing at home, but the Capitals are in Buffalo.

The Capitals are playing in their third game of the regular-season, the Islanders are playing a new arena and the Islanders have the NHL postseason roster cut to five.

The Bruins are a different team that could play a little better in these three games and win a playoff spot.

They could also be a little bit unlucky with how well they play.

If the Rangers win the series, the Capitals could be the No. 1 seed and the Bruins could go to the second-seeded Flyers.

The Flyers have a better chance to make a deep run in the Western Conference.

The Capitals are a team with a lot of history and a lot to prove.

This will be a fun series.

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