How to create a ‘china-inspired’ home

How to build a home with a Chinese-inspired design that will make your Chinese neighbors feel at home?

If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the “China Dream” house in California, which was built with an elaborate, multi-layered Chinese-style design that featured a huge, custom-designed pool.

Now, a team of Chinese-born designers is trying to make that dream reality in a home that was built for an Australian woman.

The design was designed by a team led by Ai-Fu Wen, who studied at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Design.

The home features a large pool, a kitchen, living room, and bedroom, which is where the pool and living room meet.

The pool is topped with a floating sun, while the living room and bedroom are covered in white, and the whole space is covered in a deep, dark wood floor.

The entire house has a huge mirror, a large window with a small view, a roof deck, a small dining room with a built-in table, and a bedroom with a bed.

There is a big, open window overlooking the pool, and you can see the sky from the bedroom, where there is a window overlooking both the pool room and the living rooms.

Ai-fu Wen explained to ABC News that the pool house is not just about creating a home, it is also about creating community.

“It’s a reflection of the idea of creating an atmosphere of connection with the community, of building a sense of community around your house,” he said.

“I believe that by incorporating the pool with the living space, that you can create a kind of community within your house that will create that connection.”

Ai-feng Wen, pictured with his wife, Lili Wei, who helped design the pool home, told ABC News the house has been designed to reflect his wife’s Chinese heritage.

“My wife and I are really Chinese,” he explained.

“And I feel very proud to be Chinese, so I thought that pool would be a beautiful thing to build.”

Ai Fu Wen said that he was inspired by a particular piece of artwork in the Chinese Museum of Modern Art that he saw.

The piece, titled “The Chinese Dream,” was created by a student in the early 1900s and depicts a man on a boat, surrounded by water.

The artist, Liu Ming, painted this image to represent his own family history and culture.

Ai Fu, however, felt that the image was too simplistic.

“If you looked at this painting, you wouldn’t be able to understand the depth of my family history,” he told ABC.

“In my opinion, the depth and breadth of the family history was not understood by the public.”

In response to Ai-Feng Wen’s idea, a Chinese museum in Shanghai recently commissioned the design team to come up with an alternative to the traditional Chinese painting.

“The result of the project is a unique pool house in a contemporary building style with a large and beautiful swimming pool,” a spokesperson for the Shanghai Municipal Development Authority said.

In an interview with ABC News, Ai-FU Wen said his goal was to create something that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical.

“There’s nothing wrong with creating a house with a pool, or a swimming pool, but the pool is the one thing that we are building on top of and building on that is about community,” he added.

The new home is a partnership between Ai-China and Ai-Family, a company that focuses on sustainable design and development.

The company is currently working on a new design for the pool.

“We have two designers working on the project and we’re hoping to finish it this year,” Ai-Huong said.

He added that the design is not intended to replace existing homes or communities, but to build on the existing community and make it more sustainable.

“Our aim is to make this pool house a symbol of the Chinese Dream, a dream for our future generations to live in a world of more sustainable and equitable living,” Ai Fu said.

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