How to keep your children safe from internet trolls

A lot of children’s books are full of references to the internet.

It’s easy to get lost in them.

But the internet isn’t always your friends.

It can be a toxic place.

Here’s what to do to keep kids safe.


Don’t post anything that may be controversial.

The internet is full of trolls.

They can be annoying, but they don’t need to be taken seriously.

If you want to keep children safe, keep your comments respectful and respectful of others.

And don’t say anything that could be considered rude, such as “lol” or “lol.”


Don: don’t post offensive comments.

This is a big one.

Donning a white mask is OK if you’re doing research for a book, but if you just want to share a story, don’t.

And if you feel you need to say something, say it slowly, so other people don’t hear.



Don not say anything.

This includes things you might think are funny, like “I’m just kidding.”

Or “I don’t want to ruin the fun.”


Dont use emoticons.

They are annoying and can be difficult to spot, so don’t use them.

If your kids want to do something funny, say “OK, I think you should do this.”


Don-don’t use the internet as a tool to express your personal feelings.

Don don’t tell your kids they can’t share something about themselves or that they’re too afraid of them, or that you can’t talk about the news because it’s too scary.

Don’s words aren’t the point.

They’re just words.

When kids are learning to use the web, they should be able to express themselves without being told what to say.

That means making the right choices about what they say and when.

Children shouldn’t be expected to take personal responsibility for their words, but parents should.

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