How to avoid the ‘busted newspaper’

The Associated Press is launching a campaign this week to convince the public that it is safer to go to a newspaper than a movie theater.AP reporters, including me, will be reporting live from several cities this week, trying to explain how the AP uses technology to keep us safe.

The AP’s efforts are part of a larger effort by the AP to make journalism safer and more efficient, as it tries to get more of our content to more people in a more effective way.

I hope you’ll join me.AP AP AP AP  “We have an obligation to inform the public,” AP Chief Legal Officer Amy Spitalnick said in a statement.

“We can’t continue to hide behind the veil of secrecy and pretend our mission is more important than our reporters’ safety.”

The AP is one of the few newspapers to have its digital team, which includes people with a criminal background, take over for its print reporters and editors.

It’s also one of only two major news organizations to do so, joining the New York Times and the Washington Post.

The others are the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times.

But Spitalnik said the AP’s digital team has also been working to improve its overall safety and security.

The digital team also will be providing more than 30 training sessions across the AP, including a two-day training in New York, where AP journalists are currently in a “lockdown mode.”

That lockdown is part of the APs effort to improve the AP Digital Strategy, a blueprint to improve how the news organization handles digital security issues.

The AP also announced it will spend about $2.5 million to add more security cameras to its newsrooms and to improve video technology to reduce the risk of a newsroom gunman getting his hands on a camera.

The campaign will also include a special AP story about the Boston Marathon bombings and the AP has been exploring a possible partnership with the Boston Police Department to help police catch terrorists.

The Boston Marathon bombing and the bombings of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston University in 2017 also raised awareness about the importance of keeping us safe on social media.

In a letter to reporters, the AP said it has been using social media to help its reporters avoid the “busted paper” stereotype, but it also is trying to make sure our newsroom is also safe.

We’re trying to find ways to get better at protecting our reporters, our staff and our communities.APAP AP “As part of our digital strategy, we have worked to identify new ways to protect our newsrooms, including the creation of a digital team dedicated to providing technical assistance to local police, and we are working to add additional security cameras,” Spitalnick said.

“But we have also focused on the ways we can make the AP more effective in protecting our journalists and our staff, so we can help them do their jobs better.”

The campaign also will highlight the newsroom’s role in the Boston marathon bombings investigation, the investigation into the Boston University attack and the Boston bombing that killed three people.

It will also highlight how the Boston Globe’s coverage of the bombings helped to alert the public and save lives.

AP AP The AP will also take part in a series of educational workshops to help journalists learn how to make the most of technology.AP AP AP AP

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