Why Puerto Rico’s ‘fear-mongering’ and ‘desperate’ plan for the island is wrong

Puerto Rico has no choice but to accept its fate as a “fear and misery island,” Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló told CNN.

Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory that lies on the U.N. U.D.C. territory’s southernmost point, will have no choice, Rossello said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

He added that he had been asked to make the same decision by the U,S.

Congress and the White House.

“We are the island, and we are a part of this United States,” Rossellosays.

“And we will accept the status quo.”

Rossellor says Puerto Rico will accept “the status quo” and the U’s “fears and misery.”

The island’s governor, Ricardo Rosseló, has repeatedly argued that the U would not be “reforming” until it would end the island’s isolation.

Puerto Ricans fear the island will be “freed” from the U and given the chance to leave, which would bring the U more money and jobs.

The island also faces the threat of the U declaring war.

Puerto Rican President Ricardo Roslero has argued that U.M.

C-Chiropractic Hospital is not a “U.S.-owned” entity and that it is a part-owned subsidiary of the city’s government.

The U.s. has refused to give Puerto Rico independence, and the island has continued to struggle financially.

The Puerto Rican legislature has refused the U-turn on independence.

Rossellors claims that Puerto Rico is not at war, but that the island faces a humanitarian crisis because of the economic blockade imposed on the island.

Rosselos calls for the U to end the blockade and open the island to more business.

Puerto ricans are in the midst of an economic crisis because the U is blocking Puerto Rico from becoming a fully sovereign country, according to Rossellovos claim.

The state’s economy is in crisis, with a 40% drop in the value of the islands currency, the peso, over the past few months.

Puerto rico governor Ricardo Rosellos has called for the federal government to end its economic blockade, and to allow Puerto Rican to become a fully-fledged U. S. state, Reuters reported.

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