What are the latest developments in the fight against malaria in Malaysia?

With the global pandemic looming, a campaign to control malaria in Asia is taking shape.

Malaysia, a wealthy nation of some 25 million, is expected to become the largest malaria-free country in Asia.

With the spread of malaria in recent years to other parts of the region, the country is now on track to become Asia’s malaria capital, where it would become the first Asian nation to have a malaria- free population.

Malaria in Malaysia is highly endemic, affecting 1.5 million people.

Malaysia’s Health Ministry estimates there are around 500,000 malaria-related deaths in the country.

The country is also suffering from the effects of climate change, which is causing drought, flooding, crop failures and other challenges.

But the main cause of the problem is not the climate, but malaria itself, which kills more than 2.6 million people every year.

Malaria in Southeast Asia is largely the result of the Asian tiger mosquito, a parasite that attacks humans and animals.

While the mosquito has become more aggressive in Asia, it is not always so.

The tiger mosquito has been found to survive in Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore, where the mosquito population is relatively small.

The parasites are not known to breed in Malaysia, and the mosquito is not spreading in the region.

But malaria is a global issue.

The Philippines is the largest producer of the parasite, and Malaysia has been particularly affected.

Malarkey has emerged as a top priority for Malaysian authorities.

In a press conference held at the Malaysian embassy in Singapore, Malaysian authorities announced that a pilot program to eradicate the parasite would begin this year, with the goal of eradicating it in Malaysia by 2020.

The pilot program will include the creation of a malaria control centre at the airport, as well as a special malaria surveillance facility at the National Institute of Tropical Medicine and the Department of Parasitic Diseases.

Malaya will also host a three-day seminar, which will involve malaria specialists from around the world.

The seminar will aim to increase knowledge and expertise about the parasite in Malaysia and help Malaysian authorities improve the quality of malaria control.

Malay officials said they would also seek support from other countries.

Malay officials have said the country’s efforts in fighting malaria will not be enough to stop the spread, which has increased since Malaysia’s last major pandemic.

Last month, Malaysia announced a new strategy to contain malaria, but the country has yet to put it into action.

Malasia is the only Southeast Asian country to have been declared a “viable and sustainable” country by the World Health Organization, a recognition of a country’s ability to contain its own population.

A new Global Malaria Index (GMI) published by the WHO shows that the country ranks in the bottom half of the world for the number of malaria cases.

The Malaysian government is hoping to get malaria cases down in the next few years.

“If we continue to take malaria seriously and reduce the burden, we will see the country go from one of the top three countries to the bottom in the number and quality of cases,” Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said last month.

Malasia’s Global Malarkeys report is expected in December, and it is expected that the government will publish a “new malaria plan” later this year.

But with the government not committing to the eradication of malaria, the question is how long the country will have to tackle the problem.

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