How to get rid of the ‘banned’ Android apps from Google Play

Hacker News article A recent blog post by the Australian-based Australian-run publication The Hacker News has prompted a debate about whether apps can be banned by Google Play in the country, and if they can be deleted.

The Hacker News blog, published on Friday, says it has seen apps from popular apps like Tinder and Whatsapp banned from Google play in Australia, although the blog post does not explicitly state that the apps are banned.

“If you’ve seen any apps that you like, and you don’t want to use them anymore, there are a few ways to do that,” the post explains.

“For instance, if you have a ‘no apps’ or ‘no messages’ policy on your account, then you can delete the apps from your Google Play account.”

Read moreGoogle Play bans apps from Australia: Hacker News postIt says a few users have told the publication they have also deleted their apps from the app store because they were “not the right fit for Google Play”.

“A few users in Australia have even reported that they’ve deleted their Tinder app, but the app has not been removed,” the Hacker News says.

“These stories are all anecdotal, but some users are reporting a similar experience.”

The Hacker’s advice is to check your Google account to make sure your apps are not being downloaded.

The advice also suggests using the “Find and Remove Apps” feature to find and delete apps that are not the right ones for Google play.

The Google Play Store also prohibits the use of any app that uses or uses Google search to locate other apps, or to provide a link to other apps.