Why are the big tech companies not going after Apple?

The New York Times article The Big Tech Companies Are Going After Apple (TROPHY) article By David M. Gannam – November 28, 2018 – 02:59:49The companies are increasingly looking to the iPhone to become the default iPhone for consumers.

But some analysts say they are not getting a fair shake from the tech giant.

They say the company’s dominance of the smartphone market has weakened, and the companies are being forced to make difficult decisions.

The new year will bring the next big smartphone to market, and Apple’s iPhone is expected to be the hottest smartphone ever.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told investors last week that the company is “still in a very good position” and that it will be the first new smartphone in more than a decade.

But some analysts think that Apple’s dominance is in jeopardy.

The technology companies are now seeing their share prices plummet, and that they will have to make tough decisions about what to do with their iPhone dominance.

Apple has dominated smartphone sales since the iPhone launched in 2007, but analysts have questioned its long-term success.

They said it has only been profitable for a handful of years.

In the past five years, Apple has made a lot of moves that could help its bottom line.

In the past year, Apple bought Beats headphones and a host of other smart home devices, and last year it bought Beats Electronics, which makes a popular headphone brand called Beats.

Analysts have also questioned Apple’s decision to build an all-new iPhone that will cost $3,000 less than its iPhone 6 model.

But they say the iPhone 6 will still be a great phone for most people, and analysts are still predicting that it is a great smartphone.

Apple Chief Financial Officer Phil Schiller recently said that Apple could be in “a very, very strong position” in 2017.

“We’re going to be able to build our brand,” he said.

“Our brand is going to continue to be very strong, but the iPhone is not going to stop the company from doing what we want to do.”

“I think we’ll be in a position where we have some great product lines for our customers,” he added.

“It’s going to change the landscape a little bit.”

Some analysts say Apple’s move to build a smartphone in China could be an important move to expand its smartphone sales.

The Chinese company is a large buyer of Apple products, and it is expected that Apple will expand its reach there, too.

China has more than 70 percent of the global smartphone market, according to research firm Gartner.

Apple’s move will likely increase the number of devices Apple makes available for China’s iPhone users, and will likely make Apple the leader in the country.

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