Lebanese newspaper republishes ‘expert’ who said women have ‘zero chance’ of getting cancer

A newspaper in the Lebanes has published an article by a medical expert who says women are genetically “super-duper” to become breast cancer survivors, and that women who go to the hospital and get screened should not be told that their risk is “zero”.

The article, published in the Republic newspaper, was headlined “It is not your fault you are a woman” and claimed that “every woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer or colorectal cancer should be advised not to have any further mammograms”.

“The most obvious reason to avoid screening is that the risk is so high, so that is why we have this whole debate about screening,” Dr Robert Breen, a paediatrician, said.

“What it really means is that women should be told they are not at risk.”

“You don’t get cancer unless you have cancer,” Dr Breen said.

“It’s the other side of the coin that we are telling women that we don’t have a problem, so why should they?”‘

They’re all going to die’Dr Breen added: “You don.

There’s no point in having a conversation about the risks if we’re not really talking about the consequences.”

The article in the newspaper was published by the National Hospital of Leban, a health centre that operates in Lebanne and which has been criticized for treating breast cancer patients with a “sham” cancer screening protocol.

“In my opinion, they’re all very much going to perish,” Dr Kateri Crenshaw, a senior lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Leganes, told the BBC.

“The idea that you would just get it out of your system, which is not a bad idea, is very hard to accept.”

Dr Crenshaw, who is also a breast cancer survivor herself, said that women were told that “the cancer is there, the cancer is aggressive and the cancer will kill you”, when there is no evidence to support this.

“It’s really hard for people to accept that, because of the stigma and the fear, you know, that’s what they’re thinking,” she said.

A spokesman for the National Health Service, which runs the National Medical Centre in Leganne, said it did not “discuss the treatment of cancer or the impact of screening on breast cancer outcomes”.

“Our approach to breast cancer screening is to support women to get their mammograms if they are clinically fit, as long as they are following a reasonable clinical practice,” the spokesman said.ABC/wiresTopics:health,cancer,women,health-policy,women-and-children,labor,australiaContact Mark WaughMore stories from Northern Ireland

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