When the ‘Eighth Hour’ happens: How ‘Easter Sunday’ can happen in your life

The day of the Easter Sunday, April 15th, marks the culmination of the three days of fasting and abstinence that Christians have observed throughout their religious lives.

For the first time, all Christians are expected to follow strict abstinence from meat and fish.

However, the Church has also said that it is possible for a person to eat fish and meat if they are a vegetarian.

The new ‘Easters Day’ dates back to the sixth century AD.

The Easter season is also traditionally celebrated with fireworks.

What to know about Easter and Lent: Easter is a time for people to get together for a special feast, and it is a very popular holiday in the Christian world.

Lent is a period of abstinence, or a week-long period of quiet contemplation.

Here are some of the best Easter traditions around: What to eat on Easter Day: Easter eggs, a snack made from leftover fish and shellfish and eggs are among the best options for Easter eggs.

Easter bread, made of flour, sugar, honey and salt, is an easy way to start your Easter meal.

If you’re craving a traditional Easter meal, try the Easter Egg Roll.

If there’s one thing you should know about eggs, it’s that they’re not really good for you.

Eggs are a source of saturated fat and cholesterol, which can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.

But because eggs are also rich in protein and vitamins, they can be an excellent source of calcium.

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