Which newspaper is owned by the same company?

New Orleans, LA — The newspaper company that owns the Texas Tribune is owned jointly by a company and a corporation, the Associated Press has learned.

The Tribune has also filed for bankruptcy protection, according to a statement from its owners, AP Media Relations.

A Tribune spokesperson said in a statement: “The Tribune Company was formed in 1984 and has grown to be one of the largest, most respected newspapers in the country.

It is the proud owner of the Austin American-Statesman, the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, the Orlando Sentinel, and the San Antonio Express-News.”

A spokesperson for the Austin Tribune said in an email: “We have no comment on any allegations.

The Austin Tribune Company is owned through the Tribune Company, LLC, which is a subsidiary of The Tribune Company.”

A Tribune spokesman said in another statement: “[T]he Austin Tribune has filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and is negotiating with the court to resolve the matter.

We expect to have further information by the end of the week.”

A news article from the Austin Texas Tribune said: “It’s a complicated story, but it’s one we are fully aware of and are working to resolve.

The company is under enormous stress as its business has suffered as a result of a downturn in the global economy, the threat of terrorism, the impact of Hurricane Harvey, the recent coronavirus pandemic, and ongoing natural disasters, such as a flood in San Antonio, Texas.”

The newspaper is headquartered in Austin.

The Associated Press can be reached at [email protected]

The Texas Tribune Company owns the Associated Newz, the Austin-based daily newspaper that is owned and operated by The Tribune Media Group, the owner of Austin American and other papers.

The daily Newz published a story last month about a former Texas Tribune employee who said she was pressured to lie to the company about a rape.

The paper did not respond to a request for comment.

In the Austin Morning News story, a woman who said her attacker was fired told the paper she was raped by a former employee of the newspaper in 2013, after she had reported the alleged assault.

She said she later told her employer she had been raped.

In an email to the Austin Times, a Tribune spokeswoman said: “[The Austin Morning] has reached out to our legal counsel to see if we can address the issues raised.

The newsroom is a workplace and our standards are very high.”

The Associated New York Times reported in May that the company’s lawyers told a bankruptcy court that the newspaper’s owners had “agreed to sell” the company and had entered into a “mutual bankruptcy” agreement to sell their holdings.

A spokeswoman for the New York Tribune Company said in July that the papers lawyers had not yet responded to an inquiry about the sale.

A spokesperson said the New Yorker’s publisher had “not had any conversations about the matter.”

A spokeswoman from the New Orleans Tribune said the company was aware of “an ongoing litigation proceeding” involving the newspaper.

A spokesman for the Dallas Tribune Company confirmed the company had been approached by a bankruptcy trustee and that it was “in discussions with the trustee.”

The Dallas Morning Star reported on Monday that the New Republic is selling its Austin office, saying in a news release that it will “turn a profit and operate in a more competitive and sustainable fashion.”

The Los Angeles Tribune said it would take “a big hit” from the storm and would “close,” according to the AP.

The newspaper, which has been a member of the AP since 2001, has also said it is looking for a buyer.

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