French newspaper to pay $500,000 for coverage of Trump

French newspaper will pay $700,000 to cover Donald Trump in the first of two papers to pay up.

The Sun-Times will pay its reporters and editors a total of $2.7 million, a source at the paper told the paper.

The money is a significant sum in the context of the Times’ coverage of the US election.

The paper has been covering the US president since he took office in January, when the paper was forced to abandon its traditional print edition after a series of scandals involving Trump.

The Times has also been forced to move to a digital-only platform.

The newspaper is currently in the process of launching a new digital edition.

The source said the paper’s pay scale was a result of a decision by the editor, Bernard Bailyn.

“We decided to pay more to the paper, as we have seen the scale of the coverage that has been done over the last year,” he said.

The company’s president, David Boulton, told the Times: “We believe that we have an important role in a democracy and in a country where there is a choice to be made between democracy and tyranny.”

Bailys decision comes as the president-elect and his top advisers prepare to meet with media executives in Washington on Tuesday.

A source told the newspaper that the meeting will focus on the future of the media and the future role of journalists in a Trump administration.

“It’s going to be interesting to hear how the president will respond to the media,” the source said.

And it’s something that the president has been very clear about.””

The news media has a role to play in informing the public.

And it’s something that the president has been very clear about.”

The president-to-be is expected to reiterate his desire to be transparent with the media.

It’s going be a great meeting.

“The Times’ chief executive, Nickolay Mladenov, said last week that the newspaper’s focus on Trump had become too “sensational”.

He said the company had no intention of moving to a new platform, despite the possibility of a Trump presidency.

Mladenovic said the newspaper was prepared to pay the money “if the president asks us to”.

The Times is owned by News Corp Australia, which owns The Sun.