How to be happy, with your eyes closed and the sun shining

Oklahomans are used to seeing their state’s sunshine reflected in their eyes.

But for some, the world has become much more depressing with the sun now shining so brightly in the southern hemisphere.

In the city of Fort Wayne, the newspaper The Oklahoman published an article this week in which it took a look at the state of happiness with the eyes closed.

The newspaper says the reason for the gloomy outlook is that the “state of affairs” is not the best for Oklahomen.

The article begins by noting that there is an “outdoor bar” in Fort Wayne with a number of people drinking and partying, but it also describes a “sugar-daddy” bar in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that has a “festival atmosphere”.

The article states that the bar is run by a former “fugitive from Fort Wayne”.

“This bar is a watering hole for a group of individuals who have made it through the tough times, but are now trying to find ways to make ends meet,” the article states.

“These individuals can be found in a number other bars, but this one is one of the best places to get a drink with a good crowd.

You can catch up with friends and family for a drink while watching the sunset.”

The article goes on to describe how “there is no such thing as a happy end”, and notes that there are many people who feel like they have nothing left to live for.

“They feel they are on a suicide mission,” the newspaper states.

The article also reveals that “there are many in Fort Payne, Oklahoma who feel that they have not achieved anything in their lives and feel that the world is not fair”.

“Many people in Fort Wayne are experiencing a similar feeling.

They feel they don’t have much left to lose.

They are unhappy, lonely and depressed,” the Oklahumans article reads.

“There is nothing more comforting than the thought of a bright blue sky and a peaceful evening.

You know that when the sun sets, it will be a beautiful day for you and your family.”

Oklahomeans are not alone in their feeling of despair, the Okla News reports.

“Many in Fort Worth, Oklahoma feel like there is nothing left for them in their world.

They do not have a job, friends or family.

They have nothing,” the News reports, adding that “many in Fort Pointe, Oklahoma have had enough”.

“They don’t even have a vehicle, they just need to find a job,” the reporter says.

The paper also reports that many people are in a state of “complete disbelief”.

“There are people in the community who say that they feel like the world just ended, that there has been no world since they were born,” the paper writes.

“The people in their midst feel that life is over and the only way to go is through death.

The Daily Mail has also published a story about the state’s gloom, which also found people in Oklahoma feeling “distraught”. “

This is a community that has lost its hope, and that’s what makes it so sad,” the news article concludes.

The Daily Mail has also published a story about the state’s gloom, which also found people in Oklahoma feeling “distraught”.

“It’s a little bit of a depressing feeling, but not in the way people in London and the US might say,” the Mail’s reporter wrote.

“We’re all just in this limbo of being so used to sunshine and a sunny day and it’s so depressing.

There’s no reason for this to get any worse.”

The Okanagan Daily News has also posted a story on how Oklahomaans feel about the sun, which states that people are “still in denial”.

“The Sun is a beautiful thing, but some people are still in denial that it is, as the sun shines on their property, the ocean and all the things that surround them,” the Daily News wrote.

The story then goes on a detailed explanation of how the “solar rays” are causing the “world to be bleak”.

“When the Sun shines on a tree, it makes the tree glow, so that the Earth and the trees themselves become a glowing blue,” the report states.

“If you walk into a bar, people can see that the place is lit up and the bar staff can see you.

But, if the bar has an outdoor bar, there is no bar staff who can see the lights.

So, what happens when you walk outside and the light isn’t there?”

The report also mentions how “snow is not necessarily good for you”.

“Some people are trying to make themselves feel good, but their hearts aren’t in it.

The sun is a nice light and you can enjoy it, but you’re not really feeling the sun’s warmth,” the story states.

According to The Okans newspaper, many people feel the “weather is just going to

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