Which states have the most gun laws?

The most popular answers for this question are: Texas, New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Nevada, Maryland, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Florida State, Texas, and California.

The states with the fewest gun laws, by the way, are all red states.

The state with the most restrictive gun laws is California, with a whopping 32.

The number one states that have lax gun laws are New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, followed by New Jersey.

There are a few other states that do not have a specific gun law, but still rank among the most lenient in terms of restrictions.

“I’ve been here for nearly a year and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Brian O’Keefe, who owns a firearms accessories store in Florida.

“We’re in the middle of the hurricane season right now, so people are already gearing up for the hurricane.

We’re already stocking up on supplies and supplies are already being sold out.””

It’s just crazy to me,” he added.

The majority of states that currently have a restrictive gun law are in the Southern part of the country, including Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.

The vast majority of the states that are not restrictive have stricter gun laws than the other states.

In some states, such as Louisiana and North Carolina, guns can only be brought into public buildings.

But in other states, like Colorado, Texas and New Mexico, guns are allowed in private residences and schools.