The Malay Mail

article By Sarah Hagen | Published May 11, 2017 12:19:13The Malaysian Mail is owned by Malaysian tycoon Syah Yacob and the paper has become an icon of the nation’s increasingly anti-foreign sentiment and a popular destination for expats and locals who want to escape their home countries.

Syah Yecob, founder of Malaysia’s biggest paper, is the richest man in Malaysia.

His company is Malaysia Post, the country’s second-largest newspaper chain.

Malaysia Post is a newspaper chain which owns about a quarter of the countrys daily newspapers, and is one of the biggest companies in the country.

The Malaysian Times, a daily tabloid owned by the government, is also owned by Syah, and it also carries the paper’s editorial content.

Malaysia’s newspaper industry is facing an uncertain future as its leaders try to revive it in the face of declining revenues and an increasing number of new entrants to the market.

But Syah has his own plans.

He wants to turn Malaysia into a destination for international tourists.

Malaysia is not a country where you can buy anything without leaving the country, so the idea is to create a new destination that attracts foreigners, and that is open to all, including Malaysians, he told me in a recent interview.

The new newspaper is expected to launch in 2019. 

“We are working to create an international news outlet that is a destination and a way to reach a global audience,” Syah said. 

The Malaysian newspaper is one that is often overlooked by its home country, despite having the largest circulation in the world.

But that is changing.

Malaysia is a country with more than half of the worlds population of 3.5 billion people.

The country is home to some of the wealthiest countries in the Asia Pacific, including China and Japan. 

Its newspapers are owned by an array of companies, including Syah’s own paper, the Malaysian Mail, and the state-owned Malaysian Development Berhad (MDB), which is a conglomerate of private companies.

The MDB is Malaysia’s main financial arm.

It controls the countryspending, currency and banking system. 

Syah is the founder and chief executive of Malaysia Post.

He founded the paper in 2005 with the help of his brother, Syah Yusof.

He has owned the paper since 2011.

The Malaysian Mail currently has about 5.3 million subscribers, including many expats, Malaysians and Malaysians abroad.

The paper is the largest in the Malaysian newspaper market.

The Mail is also widely read in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia. 

Malaysians are increasingly turning to the paper to get their news.

In 2014, nearly 60% of all Malaysian households subscribed to the newspaper. 

As Malaysia’s economy has been in free fall since the global financial crisis, Syahs aim is to boost revenue.

Malaysia has had to borrow heavily to invest in infrastructure and new infrastructure. 

He also wants to get the Malaysian newspapers into the international media market, with his own brand.

“The global market is very important for us.

We want to reach an international audience, which is something we are trying to do,” Syahs father said.”

We will create a Malaysian newspaper with international appeal.

I think we have already started to work on that,” he added. 

For many expatriates, Malaysia is a gateway to Asia and Europe. 

One of Syahs goals is to make Malaysia a hub for Malaysia.

The newspaper is the biggest newspaper in the city of Kota Kinabalu, which sits on the border with Indonesia. 

In 2016, the newspaper reported an average daily circulation of 5.4 million.

It is also one of Malaysias top-selling magazines, with more over 100,000 subscribers. 

According to the Malaysian Government’s annual media report, Malaysia was one of only three countries to enjoy a higher daily growth rate than the global average in 2017. Read more  (source:

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