How to get your cable bill cut in 2018

The United States is facing its first budget crisis in decades, and the worst could be ahead.

On Tuesday, lawmakers passed a $1.9 trillion spending bill that includes $1 trillion in spending cuts for social services, health care and military spending.

While many of the cuts are expected to be made in the coming months, some of the most dramatic are already in place.

Here’s a rundown of what’s on the chopping block, and what you can expect to see on the airwaves in 2018:Medicaid for those who are uninsuredThe $1,094 billion cuts to Medicaid, the federal health care program for the poor, come after years of bipartisan support for the program that has helped many people escape poverty.

The GOP’s latest attempt to cut Medicaid is an attempt to make life even harder for low-income Americans, who have already seen their coverage cut dramatically in recent years.

The Trump administration has also been pushing to cut funding for the expansion of Medicaid in states that expanded it.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that about 6 million fewer people will have access to Medicaid in 2021, and states like New York and Vermont could lose up to $1 billion in federal funding, according to The Hill.

In 2018, many states are expected see Medicaid reimbursements fall by more than $1 million per person, according the Kaiser Family Foundation.

While Medicaid is one of the few ways to get a leg up on the costs of living, many people are already feeling the effects of the program’s cutbacks.

“I’ve seen people get a lot of work done, but I can’t get the job done anymore,” one person who lost her job because of the cutbacks told The Associated Press.

The cuts come as the state of Washington, which has been hit hard by a severe drought, is facing a $2 billion budget shortfall.

“If we don’t make this work, I will lose everything,” Washington Governor Jay Inslee said at a news conference on Tuesday.

“We are in deep financial trouble.”

In New York, a number of lawmakers have introduced legislation that would allow New York City residents to opt out of Medicaid coverage if they earn less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level, or $28,852 for a family of four.

New York has seen some of its most extreme cutbacks in recent times, with millions of New Yorkers losing their insurance.

The bill introduced Tuesday by New York Senator Daniel Squadron, who represents parts of Brooklyn, is backed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and other New York lawmakers, who are pushing to make the state a much less affordable place for low income residents to live.

In Pennsylvania, state lawmakers are considering a bill that would force state residents who earn up to 120 percent of poverty to pay the cost of coverage for their children and parents, including the cost for health care.

While it’s unlikely the bill will pass in the House, a group of state lawmakers who spoke to the AP in a conference call say they will be introducing it soon.

The House Republican leadership also is trying to pass legislation that could significantly cut funding to the Department of Health and Human Services, a federal agency that helps provide health care to millions of people across the country.

The Republican budget proposal that passed last year included $200 million in cuts to HHS, but that didn’t include the full $1-trillion in cuts the Trump administration proposed in January.

Republicans are also pushing to weaken the agency’s oversight of the Medicaid program.

The proposal calls for an agency that could be described as a “shadow agency” to help oversee the Medicaid expansion.

The Senate is also considering a Republican budget that would significantly increase the federal government’s share of the costs for people who have lost Medicaid coverage due to the budget cuts.

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