How to get the most out of a $40 million US investment in your company

The US investment firm Citadel has announced that it will buy the newspaper arm of the Israeli newspaper Eliyahu Ha’aretz, which is owned by a Palestinian group.

Citadel said in a statement that it would invest $40m in the Israeli-owned newspaper’s assets.

The news comes as Israel grapples with the fallout from the death of Palestinian teenager Ahmad Sharrouf, whose body was found in a Jerusalem cemetery on Thursday, hours after being reported missing.

The newspaper, which has been criticized by the US government for being biased, has also been accused of bias and anti-Semitism by Palestinian groups, who accuse it of favouring Israel over Palestinian rights.

Israel has repeatedly rejected those accusations, arguing that its newspaper is a vital source of information for its citizens and has long been a target for terrorist attacks.

In an editorial published on Wednesday, the Israeli paper’s publisher said he was confident that the move would lead to a more balanced, inclusive, and balanced journalism, and that the news organization could serve as a model for Israel.

Eliyahu was founded in 1993 and is part of the Jerusalem Post, which was created in 2000.

Its flagship newspaper is Israel Hayom, which covers the Israeli parliament, and it publishes a wide range of other publications.

Elayahu has published several pieces in the last year that critics said were anti-Semitic.